Do you want to have surgery but do not currently have the full amount of your surgery? Do not worry, the plastic surgeon Joaquín Pérez-Guisado Rosa and his team in Córdoba, Málaga, Jaén and Almería will be happy to provide you with advantageous financing conditions. To do this you must only provide your DNI, direct debit receipt and last payroll. You will receive the answer as to whether it has been granted or not in just 48-72 hours. The first 6 months the financing will be without interest and from 6 months and a minimum interest will be applied (from 6.95% TIN), being able to finance the surgery you have always wanted up to a total of 60 months.

Here you have an informative table about the amounts to be financed and the installments to be paid for 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months:

6 months12 months24 months36 months48 months60 months
1000 euros206,67/ 166,6789,146,2432,38
1500 euros305/250133,2269,3648,5738,6232,58
2000 euros403,33/333,33177,7792,4964,7651,4943,45
2500 euros506,67/416,67221,88115,6180,9564,3654,31
3000 euros605/500266,36138,7397,1577,2365,17
3500 euros710,17/583,33310,76161,85113,3490,176,03
4000 euros811,63/666,67355,15184,97129,53102,9886,89
4500 euros913,08/750399,54208,09145,72115,8597,76
5000 euros1014,53/833,33443,94231,21161,91128,72108,62
5500 euros115,99/916,67488,33254,33178,1141,59119,48
6000 euros1217,44/1000532,73277,46194,24154,46130,34